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A warm welcome to the first edition post of our Familheey blog. What makes the Familheey mobile app different from any other app? Familheey focuses on the group, the other platforms generally focus on the individual person.

Familheey is the ideal mobile platform to connect with your family, team and community. Familheey—an initiative of Houston based My Family Group—is a mobile app that brings your family and community together in three important ways:

  • Personal – bring your personal family closer now with your own exclusive family group
  • Professional – Create a space for professional work team to bond and achieve together
  • Social – Build a space where your community members can stand together

So now you can stay connected with your family 24×7 around the world. Familheey enables you to stay connected with the latest alerts and updates that will keep you posted about your family. Access this information in a media-rich environment that stores your information securely.

This way, You engage with all your family members. Keep all your conversations on track. Bring everyone together. As C. Chris Ulasi, Ph.D. of my Family Group points out: “This incredible platform will transform the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, and socialize in the future.”

At Familheey, we see the mobile app as a way to bring our personal, professional and social networks together.

About Familheey
Familheey is a mobile platform that is scaling up rapidly for families, groups and organizations to collaborate effectively at this challenging time around the world. Our new website is a one stop resource for information on our platform. Visit Family at: www.familheey.com

Once again a warm welcome to Familheey. Let’s Get Together!

Download the Familheey App here:

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