Familheey is the forefront of the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives deeply. We need transparency and trust to fight this pandemic.And, Familheey is the answer. We are a mobile platform built for families and organizations to collaborate effectively at this difficult time.

The Familheey COVID Support Network is in the forefront of fighting the Coronavirus pandemic by supporting doctors, healthcare workers and global communities across the US, Africa, India and Australia:

  • Arranging medicines, equipment and supplies to reach different parts of the world
  • Creating a COVID-19 networking platform helping doctors to collaborate across countries
  • Providing timely information and latest information from WHO and healthcare organisations

The Familheey mobile app’s innovative ‘Request’ feature is helping families, groups and communities to secure aid and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. You too can contribute to this global effort with three simple steps: Download the Familheey mobile app. Connect with your community. Contribute to the Familheey COVID19 Support Network.

Download the Familheey app now:

About Familheey
Familheey is a mobile platform that is scaling up rapidly for families, groups and organizations to collaborate effectively at this challenging time around the world. Our new website is a one stop resource for information on our platform. Visit Family at: www.familheey.com

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