Yes, We heard YOU!

Look out for Familheey App’s Exciting New Features!

At the Familheey app, we are committed to Making Purposeful Communities Successful.

Since we launched our Familheey app in Feb 2020, we have received many recommendations from community members like you. Based on your feedback and insights from top industry experts, the new changes that will make it easier for you to use the Familheey app.

Yes, the Familheey app is now optimized to help you connect, engage and grow your community and make it successful!

Our Welcome New Home Page
You now have a clean new look on your home page that will help you navigate seamlessly to your family and help them grow with purpose and success.

Your New Look Family
Your family is the most happening place for you on the app. We have completely redesigned your app experience starting from how you post, read and interact with your community. You now have better control on your content even after posting it.

Public Feed is on a Short Holiday
The Public Feed is going away for a short time, while you focus on your community. We will soon come up with an enhanced public feed experience. But, wait! You can still access your existing posts from the discover tab.

Brand New Chat Experience
You will enjoy your direct messaging experience. This will help you connect with more people and get onto the direct conversation very seamlessly. You can look forward to video and audio call features in future releases.

User registration has become 50% faster with a quick sign-up. By providing your name, phone number and email, you get into the app as soon as possible. The Familheey app collects information solely for your improved user experience and does not sell any information.

Sneak preview before signing up
Our new onboarding process helps users to experience the app even before they decide to sign up. One thing that grows stronger with all these enhancements is your information privacy. That is kept intact!

Our world has changed a lot since 2020. It has redefined the way we connect with each other. At Familheey, we are constantly improving the way you connect, engage and grow your community. Remember, we want to make you, your family and community successful.

Get Ready for the exciting new user Familheey experience!
Coming soon to your Smartphone!

Let’s connect, engage and grow together!

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