Familheey is now a Preferred Platform for Christian Churches and Ministries across the Globe

A digital awakening has been sweeping Christian churches and ministries worldwide. Adapting to lockdown realities, churches and ministries are adopting the Familheey app to spiritually reconnect with and rejuvenate their communities. Christianity today is in a state of churn. As one of the world’s pre-eminent religions, Christianity today accounts for 31% of the world population, numbering about 2.4 billion people. The pandemic has put Christian Churches to test—and they have responded with resilience, play a key role in the frontline of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Bloomberg News, the pandemic has given more people a reason to seek solace in God and faith-based communities at the same time that houses of worship were forced to close their doors. Pastors have resorted to streaming on YouTube or Facebook Live in a bid to keep congregations engaged. Membership in spiritual apps has surged. The top Christian meditation apps raked in 2.3 million downloads in the U.S. from March to August, up 325% from the same period a year earlier, according to mobile data and analytics company App Annie.

Despite challenges of the lockdown, The Church has offered faith hope, and courage as powerful tools to enabling communities to navigate the pandemic. Christian hospitals, schools, orphanages, old age homes have all played a key role in this area. Churches are now looking for more meaningful connections, purposeful engagements and to become an essential part of the growth of their communities.

Familheey has emerged as the ideal platform for Christian faith communities to connect, engage and grow during the challenging lockdown months. In a first of its kind initiative, Familheey has become a digital transformation partner of the Catholic Church’s Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM). Holy Cross Family Ministries is a family of Catholic ministries that inspires, promotes, and fosters the prayer life and spiritual well-being of families throughout the world.

As DT Partner of Holy Cross Family Ministries, Familheey has created a community platform for 27 mission centers spread across 17 countries serving over a million families. Their Prayfest and Prayer Room initiatives on the Familheey app aim to build a community of 1 million believers in the months to come.

The Familheey networking platform has also emerged as a community platform for the 5000 strong Igbo Catholic Community in the Greater Houston, Texas area. Familheey has a host of special features that will enable Christian faith communities to connect as one community, engage with its members and grow its outreach programs. Most faith communities choose Familheey for its unique request feature that enables communities to raise financial support for causes close to its heart. With the adoption of Familheey as their new community platform, Christian faith communities can look forward to a new level of engagement with their communities across the world.

Some of the major reasons for adopting familheey as their preferred platform are:

  • It offers focused communications
  • It is Built for Communities
  • Unlimited Users & Groups
  • Secure Cloud Platform

Some of the major features making this happens are:

  • Ministry Feeds
  • Announcements
  • Calendar & Events
  • Request Feature
  • Messaging Feature
  • Documents & Albums
  • Membership & User Management
  • Linkable Groups

The Familheey app has been in the forefront of offering ways to reconnect with the Christian congregation. It is helping Christian Churches and Ministries to connect, engage and grow with their congregations at this challenging time of pandemic. If you would like to understand how the Familheey app can help you reconnect with your congregation, email us at contact@familheey.com

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