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Boston-based Holy Cross Family Ministries uses the Familheey app to connect, engage and grow its worldwide HCFM Prayfest Community

Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM), based out of Boston, USA, has been using the Familheey app to build its online HCFM Prayfest community since September 2020. As a family of Catholic ministries, HCFM inspires, promotes and fosters the prayer life

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Raise Support For Your Causes with the Familheey App’s Request Feature

As a community leader, you are focused on building a purposeful community is successful. For communities around the world, the Familheey app, with its 900+ communities, emerging as a platform of choice to achieve their goals. To make your community

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Familheey Mobile Photo Contest 2022

Welcome to the Familheey Mobile Photo Contest Here is your chance to share creative mobile photos of your beautiful country and win exciting prizes! The theme for this year’s contest is “My Beautiful Country”.  Your photograph should showcase the beauty/culture/people/landscape/cityscape

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Familheey App launches its first Global Internship Program on August 12, 2021

Familheey App launches its first Global Internship Program on August 12, 2021 In a first of its kind initiative, the Houston, Texas-based Familheey App launched the first phase of its first Familheey Global Internship (FGI) program on an online Zoom

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Familheey is now a Preferred Platform for Christian Churches and Ministries across the Globe

A digital awakening has been sweeping Christian churches and ministries worldwide. Adapting to lockdown realities, churches and ministries are adopting the Familheey app to spiritually reconnect with and rejuvenate their communities. Christianity today is in a state of churn. As

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Yes, We heard YOU!

Look out for Familheey App’s Exciting New Features! At the Familheey app, we are committed to Making Purposeful Communities Successful. Since we launched our Familheey app in Feb 2020, we have received many recommendations from community members like you. Based

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The PrayFest Community on the Familheey App gets spotlighted in HCFM’s Global Newsletter A World At Prayer

The Familheey App was in the news recently as Holy Cross Family Ministries, one of the Catholic Church’s respected family prayer ministries showcased it in their widely read newsletter A World At Prayer. The newsletter has a wide readership across

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Uplift Your Community with Technology

Meet the purpose of your community with the help of Familheey Download the PDF version of this.

Familheey – The Mobile Networking Platform You Should Try in 2021

“A community is a group of people who agree to grow together”.  – Simon Sinek Our World has changed today across borders and across markets to make us Communities that are linked together by a Common Purpose. For a better part of

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How Familheey becomes a Preferred Platform for Communities

Here are the reasons for you to switch your community to Familheey platform.