FamilheeyLearn Community App for Education

Familheey is an online learning platform for many educational institutions across the globe. It has a structured communication that helps both teachers and students to communicate with each other in a systematic and effective way.

Familheey is a purpose-built app that enhances communication within a community of people where they are communicating for a common purpose. All the features are created based on the user experience surveys received from users and communities across the globe.

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FamilheeyLearn Highlights

  • Track every class activity: All sessions or activities are delivered as unique posts and response from the students and feedback from the teachers are captured within that post as conversation
  • Conversations in all formats: Conversations are possible in various formats such as text, pictures, audio and video
  • Security and privacy: Security and privacy are top priority at Familheey. The latest cybersecurity standards have been applied at various levels such as data encryption, system security and user preferred settings on their groups (families) and profiles
  • Personalization : Personalization helps students and teachers to feel a classroom virtually. This creates an emotional acquaintance within the group
  • Better classification of information: Different sections for announcements, documents and gallery helps students and learners to manage their learning goals and create a great learning environment
  • Manage events: Well structured events module helps to plan and organize any online or offline meeting/events in a very structured and organized manner
  • Managing members: Take informed decisions and better classroom management with the proper visibility of the members in a group (family) with custom roles such as ‘Student’, ‘Class Teacher’, ‘Science Teacher’ etc.
  • Onboarding: Your students and teachers in your classroom can join very easily by sharing a unique link for your group (family) on the Familheey app
  • Social/collaborative learning: Students learn from other sources also such as student collaboration, expert communities through social learning etc.
  • Extracurricular activities: Familheey enables students to participate in larger forums such as virtual school assemblies, virtual libraries, science and arts clubs etc.

Would you like to know more? Please reach us on the live chat available here or write to us at contact@familheey.com

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