Raise Support For Your Causes with the Familheey App’s Request Feature

As a community leader, you are focused on building a purposeful community is successful. For communities around the world, the Familheey app, with its 900+ communities, emerging as a platform of choice to achieve their goals. To make your community successful, you need to connect your community on a safe and secure digital platform in these adverse and challenging times.

The Familheey mobile app unique request feature has helped families and communities get support to fight COVID-19 pandemic. The Familheey app has been in news in Houston, Texas for its COVID-19 Support Network which helped doctors, healthcare workers and global communities to fight the pandemic across the US, Africa, India and Australia.

Familheey is a mobile and desktop app that offers families, communities and organizations to collaborate effectively since February 2020. With it, you will be able to connect your congregation by establishing proper communication, plan and organize online/offline events and most importantly, raise support for your causes.

The Request feature can scale up rapidly for families, groups and organizations to raise support for their causes in two ways: the first, as a fundraiser and second, to request help in kinds, such as donations of food, medicines, and healthcare products.

Familheey enables your community to move up to the next level of engagement, as an apt fit for your community. It helps you take notes, organize files, keep up with task lists, and archive documents. Unlike messaging apps, it offers document sharing, multimedia options and community building options.

The readily available application is available on both iOS and Android stores for your Church. You may install Familheey Community app, create your family (community), and invite your people to join your community. The app is affordable, sustainable and has been shown to quickly become part of worldwide communities.

About Familheey App
Familheey is a mobile platform that is scaling up rapidly for families, groups and organizations to collaborate effectively at this challenging time around the world. Our new website is a one-stop resource for information on our platform. Visit Family at: www.familheey.com

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