Familheey – The Mobile Networking Platform You Should Try in 2021

“A community is a group of people who agree to grow together”.  – Simon Sinek

Our World has changed today across borders and across markets to make us Communities that are linked together by a Common Purpose. For a better part of 2020, that purpose was to stay safe and stay alive.  Networking platforms that grow communities are the next step in digital progress. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, networking platforms are now catalysts of social change by uplifting communities across the globe through technology enablement.

Familheey is a mobile networking application that enables its members to collaborate and build social capital and resources that benefit the whole community through 7 core focus areas. Of these 7 collaborative areas, the Familheey request feature, enables individuals, teams and communities to help each other by sharing resources and raising funds. The growth of our community depends mainly on its strength of integration and growth opportunities. Familheey provides a collaboration oriented ecosystem where one can connect, explore, act or offer growth opportunities. The generic and open nature of the platform provides growth opportunities for children, youth, adults, and seniors from all walks of life.

Today, Communities around the world are making Familheey their Chosen Platform to Connect, Engage and Grow for a Higher Purpose that benefits Everyone. Familheey is a networking platform that serves families, organizations and communities by enabling them to communicated and collaborate effectively at this challenging time around the world.

As a mobile app, Familheey uses its unique structured communication to build spaces for community members to uplift by themselves, creating social capital conversation. Moving away from the like-share-subscribe focus on traditional social media, Familheey focuses on result and outcome oriented collaboration that serves a higher purpose of community building. Here are 14 reasons for you to consider Familheey, when compared to other platforms:

Familheey is committed to 3 focus areas in its mission to uplift the lives of our people:
Connect–Familheey brings individuals, families and communities together on a digital platform to fulfill our higher purpose of a common good for society.
Engage–Familheey helps our people to engage members, manage needs & offers, and conduct events on our digital platform.
Grow–Familheey is committed to assist our community-based organizations by offering them a safe & secure digital community experience.
With its innovative structured communication approach, Familheey is transforming the way communities communicate, collaborate, learn, and socialize in the future.

The Familheey app has been in news recently for its COVID-19 Support Network. This network is helping doctors, healthcare workers and global communities to fight the pandemic across the US, Africa, India and Australia. In the short 10 months since its inception, Familheey has gained over 7000 users spread across 990 communities. It is home to Holy Cross Family Ministries covering 27 centers across 17 countries and Soulace Africa who have touched the lives of over 1000 war widows and orphans across Nigeria.

Familheey security and privacy are given top priority with a focus on data encryption, system security and user preferred settings on their groups (families) and profiles. Familheey is recognized as an online learning platform student that is conducive to classroom learning, student collaboration and expert communities. Familheey brings communities together.

About Familheey

Familheey is a mobile networking platform that helps you to connect, engage and grow your personal, professional and social networks together. The platform is founded by the Houston, Texas-based My Family Group comprising of a group of experienced entrepreneurs, academics and technologists. Familheey has built a 7000 strong subscriber base drawn from over 90 countries since its launch in February 2020, drawing families, organizations and communities worldwide.

With its innovative structured communication approach, Familheey is transforming the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, and socialize in the future. Familheey is the Perfect Choice to Connect, Engage and Grow Your Community.

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